LPG FIRE            Gaseous Fire Suppression systems


LPG Fire Australia Pty Ltd are a specialist company in regard to Gaseous Fire Suppression, using  the Tyco iFlow system of inert agents such as IG 541 – IG 55 we are able to offer a cost effective solution for all fire suppression requirements. We carry a full range of Macron and LPG FM – 200 cylinders – Novec 1320.

LPG FIRE            TYCO Aqua mist – VID Water Mist Suppression systems


LPG Fire Australia Pty Ltd are a specialist company in regard to Water Mist suppression. Our range of TYCO AQUA MIST and VID FM Approved Water Mist systems are used world wide, our low and high pressure water mist systems ensures rapid containment of any  fire.

LPG FIRE                 Hangar AFFF Fire Suppression systems 


LPG Fire Australia Pty Ltd is an independent distributor of Ansul and Chemguard foam suppression products, these are suitable for both High and Low expansion systems to suit any  aircraft hanger. Our range of foam monitors – pop up sprinklers – hi expansion foam generators allows our design team to tailor  systems to meet both Australian requirements and international standards.

LPG FIRE               FAAST Aspirating Smoke Detection


LPG Fire Australia have teamed up with Sensor Systems, we are now are able to supply the complete package for all your Special Hazards requirements, suppression system – pressure relief venting – extraction fans and the FAAST Aspirating Early Warning Smoke detection System

LPG FIRE                 Oxygen Reduction Fire Prevention systems


LPG Fire Australia are the industry leaders in Oxygen Reduction Fire Prevention. Using the Isocell technology which has been proven throughout the world protecting Data Centres, Switch Rooms and Cold Storage facilities.



Fire Suppression Systems – Automatic | Fire Protection Technology

Pre – commissioning test of ANSUL Hi Expansion foam system in Australian Defence Hangar

Business History LPG Fire Australia – Fire Suppression Systems

LPG Fire Australia have a dedicated team of professional fire suppression engineers with a combined 100 years experience in designing fire suppression systems & solutions for even the most difficult of risks.

LPG Fire Australia gained the exclusive distributorship for the LPG Fire Spain range of Inert Gas and chemical fire suppression equipment. After considerable effort Australian and International approvals were obtained for all of the LPG products.

Tyco Fire Fighting Products also saw the potential in what LPG Fire were doing and went on the purchase the Spanish manufacturing company.

Tyco Fire Fighting Products immediately saw the value of LPG Fire Australia’s experience in technical matters and sales opportunities and continued to have LPG Fire Australia act as their sole route to market for their Inert, Chemical gas market as well as Kitchen Hood suppression systems and fire fighting foam applications.

LPG Fire has brought the PUMA Range of pressure relief vents and gas extraction systems to the Australian market.

Another success has been LPG Fire affiliation with VID Water Mist.

LPG Fire company profile

We are the leading supplier of Tyco Inert and Chemical gas suppression as well as Ansul-Chemguard Fire Fighting foam products – fire suppression systems in Australia and New Zealand.

As a specialist independent company LPG Fire has also forged many international relationships with fire engineering and supply companies enabling us to offer the latest in products and technology.

LPG Fire Australia offer a full range of products allowing our customers to make an informed decision on what could be their most important life and safety purchase.

Our Vision

To provide the most reliable and best suited automatic fire suppression solution for your property at competitive pricing.

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