Fire Fighting Foams – Class A & B Fire Fighting Foam Concentrates

Foam Concentrates For Fighting Fires The foam concentrate is a mixture of different raw materials such as solvents, salts, corrosion inhibitors and mainly surfactants. In case of synthetic products, there are two types of surfactants: hydrocarbon chain, which are primarily responsible of foaming capacity and foam stabilisation, and fluorinated, in which part of the hydrogen […]

National Service Centre For Gaseous Fire Suppression Products

LPG Fire Australia is a certified distributor & national service centre for various gaseous fire suppression & detection products across Australia & New Zealand including VID Water Mist, Puma Relief & Extraction Vents. We are wholly privately owned, with training and education facilities for our customers, consultants and contractors we can assist in providing effective […]

Types Of Fire Suppression Systems | Fire Protection For Your Building

Fire Protection Systems In Buildings The design, layout and type of fire protection systems in buildings can become very complex as it takes into account the building use, construction, occupancy, size, and perhaps even specific assets. Typically fire protection systems for buildings are complex and technical, and therefore it’s common for no two buildings to have […]