ThermoCable digital linear heat detection (LHD) cable is a

combination of advanced polymer and digital

technologies that can detect heat anywhere along its

entire length. ThermoCable is also

compatible with any listed addressable or

conventional fire panel.

At the core of the LHD is a twisted pair of extremely

low resistance, tri-metalic conductors, sheathed in

new advanced thermal polymers. These polymers

are chemically engineered to break down at specific

fixed temperatures allowing the twisted conductors to

make contact and initiate an alarm. The polymer

used is chemical resistant and UV protected. This allows

the LHD cable to be used in a wide variety of installations

and special hazards applications.


  • Up to 3,048m of ThermoCable per zone
  • Approved for up to 7.2m spacing as per AS 1670.
  • .05 ohms/ft (.164 ohms/m) resistance for twisted pair wire lower than any other type of linear heat detection wire
  • Lower cost than other types of linear heat detection wire
  • Compatible with ALL Fire Alarm Control / Releasing Panel
  • Use with addressable modules
  • Multiple alarm temperatures: (C°) 68°, 78°, 88°, 105°
  • Distance locating available
  • Able to detect anywhere along the entire length of wire
  • Multiple alarm temperatures combined on the same zone
  • Total zone length replacement unnecessary after alarm
  • Longer standard spool lengths means less splicing
  • Custom lengths available
  • Suitable for use in Class I, II, or III Division 1, Gas Groups A-G hazardous areas (subject to conditions).


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