LPG Fire Australia have a dedicated team of professional fire engineers with a combined 100 years experience is designing solutions for even the most difficult of risks.

We are a privately owned and operated company with Head Office located in S.E. Queensland.

Our Global partnerships allow us to design and supply solutions to key industry sectors:

LPG Fire company profile

We are the leading supplier of Tyco Inert and Chemical gas suppression as well as Ansul-Chemguard Fire Fighting foam products – fire suppression systems in Australia and New Zealand.

As a specialist independent company LPG Fire has also forged many international relationships with fire engineering and supply companies enabling us to offer the latest in products and technology.

LPG Fire Australia offer a full range of products allowing our customers to make an informed decision on what could be their most important life and safety purchase.

Our Vision

To provide the most reliable and best suited fire suppression solution for your property at competitive pricing.

Service Department

LPG Fire Australia have a national service department catering for special hazard for suppression systems, we undertake to service all makes and brands of fire fighting equipment.












Recent site involvements include;

– Data Storage (server rooms / data centres / UPS)

– Commercial (server rooms / document storage / kitchens / building protection)

– Mining (control rooms / camp kitchens / conveyor belts)

– Aircraft Hangars                        

– Oil and Gas (tank farms / control rooms / switch rooms / offshore platforms)                   

– Industrial (hazardous manufacturing plants / conveyor lines / spray booths / fuelling stations)

– Petro-chemical (fuel storage / tank farms / pumping stations / ethanol plants)

– Military (munition storage / aircraft hangars / critical assets)

– Marine (engine rooms / UPS)

– Tunnels (control rooms / enclosed roads / fuel spillage sumps)

– Power Transmission & Distribution (substations / control rooms / transformers / switch rooms)




















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