LPG Fire Australia has designed and supplied water mist fire protection systems, both low and high pressure into Australia for Atriums, Data Centres, Heritage buildings, Diesel Generators, Oil Transformers, FPSO, and Vessels.

 Our success is based on technical expertise allowing us to choose the right system for the right application.

 Systems we represent include both high and low pressure water mist.

 LPG’s AQUAFOG® high pressure water mist protection system uses water at high pressure as an extinguishing agent and is based on principles of well-established hydraulic technology. Spray heads are designed to discharge water in the form of water mist.

 VID Fire-Kill Innovative Fire Protection solutions for low pressure water mist. VID Fire-Kill is an innovative developer and manufacturer of water based active fire protection components and systems. VID Fire-kill specializes in water based fixed installed systems for environmental friendly fire protection. The company is located in Denmark, where all products are developed, manufactured and tested.


VID Fire-Kill offer a unique low pressure water mist tested solution for tunnels that combines all the potential cost savings of using water mist in tunnels without affecting equipment cost.


Water mist protection systems optimizes the quantity of water used, maximizing effective water volume through the distribution of tiny droplets.


These tiny drops create a large effective cooling surface area of the fire and surrounding volume. The high speed of the droplets means that the mist can penetrate the hot fumes and reach the combustion area.


Compared with conventional systems that use water as an extinguishing agent, damages resulting from discharge are minimized owing to the relatively small amount of water employed.


AQUAFOG® systems operate at working pressures of 80 to 200 bars. VID Fire-Kill systems operate at working pressure in between 3 and 16bar. They provide a fast and efficient extinguishment for class A, B and C fires, eliminating the hazard of re-ignition.


LPG Fire Australia offers several models of spray heads, depending on the hazard to be protected. Spray heads are made of stainless steel, incorporating a filter to prevent obstructions. Typical applications for water mist are civil and military ship vessel machinery rooms, generator rooms, berths and public areas.


Water mist is effective owing to combined effects of three different actions:


Cooling: Water spray in droplets of micron size produces a large surface area for heat absorption. Once in contact with hot bodies and gases, these droplets turn to vapour absorbing a large quantity of heat, equivalent to 540 calories per gram.


Smothering: The water in its vapour state occupies 1,600 times more volume than as a liquid and displaces an equivalent volume of oxygen, thus creating a smothering effect. If both the water vapour generated and the temperature in the hazard is high enough, the concentration of oxygen can fall drastically in the whole room.”