Hypoxic Fire Preventions systems  N2 FireFighter®


Isolcell has 50 years of experiences in research and development of new technologies related to the production of machines and systems to treat and modify gaseous mixtures.

Using this controlled atmosphere experience we took the opportunity to develop a new and innovative prevention system with the aim of excluding the risk of fire in designated areas. N2 FireFighter® is an ecological, very effective and economic method to prevent and extinguish fire. Thanks to its extreme simplicity of installation it can be adapted to every new or existing situations. 

Traditional fire-fighting methods can be made difficult and onerous by technical, architectural or aesthetic restrictions.

Furthermore, the large range of equipment already produced by Isolcell means low cost but effective prevention and treatment plants can be made to suit all requirements.


The atmosphere we breathe consists mainly of a mixture of nitrogen (78%) and oxygen (21%).

Nitrogen is an inert gas. Oxygen is the natural substance aiding every combustion process, including human respiration.

A fire will exist only if sufficient oxygen continuously reaches it to support the speed of the reaction.

When the amount of oxygen is not sufficient, a fire will suddenly be extinguished.

The methodology N2 FireFighter® is based on that principle: to keep the atmosphere in the areas to be protected low in oxygen,

less than normal ambient. This will automatically extinguish and inhibit combustion while remaining safe for humans.

The effect of this auto-extinguishing atmosphere on humans is the same as the air we find on the mountains at about 3.300 m elevation; the partial pressure of oxygen at that height is equal to the partial pressure of oxygen in the methodology of N2 FireFighter® .


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