LPG Fire Australia Service Centre

In addition to design and supply of fire suppression and fire prevention systems, LPG Fire Australia also provides fire systems maintenance and service support for a wide range of proprietary suppression system cylinders.

We have comprehensive workshop facilities and we offer the following services:

  • FM200, NOVEC 1230 and C02 agent decanting and refilling
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing of cylinders
  • Valve refurbishment
  • Cylinder painting
  • Cylinder leak testing and repressurization

We offer the following services to fire contractors maintaining special hazard fire suppression systems:

  • System audits
  • Advice on system upgrades
  • Mechanical disconnection / reconnection of cylinders
  • Collection and transport of system cylinders
  • FM200 cylinder changeovers to minimize system down time
  • Room integrity fan testing
  • Pressure Relief Vent testing
  • Gas extraction fan service and installation
  • Cylinder liquid level testing
  • Supply of spares and accessories
  • Cylinder recharge and exchange

On site commissioning and Risk Integrity Testing by experienced Engineers.

Fire Fighting Foam solution testing by NATA Approved Laboratory.

Fire Fighting Foam Systems service, including;

Foam Discharge and sample collection

Bladder tank refill

Replace torn bladders in all makes of foam bladder tanks

Hi Expansion foam system service

Water Mist system service;


Flow test water density calculations

Directional valve testing

Water pump regular service and testing

Pipe corrosion inspection

Oxygen Reduction systems service

Annual inspection and service of Hypoxic oxygen reduction systems

Room leakage repairs