Fire Safety For Retailers: Audit, Servicing & Maintaining Retail Fire Systems

Everything happens faster these days, and retailers need to be conscious of keep up with changing demands and consumer trends. Maintaining a fresh store keeping customers engaged whilst showcasing their brand helps to keep one step ahead of competition. It’s simply a way gaining the emotional connection between shoppers and brands. Retail shops, whether developed […]

Water Mist System Working Principle

Functioning Principles of a Water Mist Fire Protection System These little water beads (fog) quickly absorb the energy (heat) existing in the environment and vaporize, ending up being water vapor (gas). The energy (warmth) made use of to change the water to a gas is eliminated from the setting, hence the air is cooled down. […]

Kitchen Hood Suppression System Inspection & Maintenance

Helpful guidelines for maintaining & inspecting kitchen hood fire suppression systems As restaurant owners much of your responsibility is to make the restaurant comfortable, inviting and an all round great place to be. Nothing could be worse than the outbreak of a sudden dangerous fire. Fire threatens lives, destroys property and brings fear to what […]