Gas Suppression Systems are typically used in water sensitive areas where protection of high value assets is priority.

LPG Fire Australia is a leading supplier of inert and synthetic gas suppression systems designed to meet your sites specific needs.

We offer a full range of inert (IG55 / IG 541) as well as synthetic gas (NOVEC 1230 / FM200) gas suppression systems.

Strict regulations in Australia govern the use of gaseous agents, hardware and systems. We design and install systems that meet full compliance across all testing processes including licenses, pressure vessels, performance, safety, reliability and environmental.

LPG Fire is committed to the continued development and evolution of inert and chemical gaseous suppression systems with the introduction of three patented process elements within the iFlow gas fire suppression system.

Some of our systems & products include:

Inert Gas iFlow (IG 541 – Ig55)

FM200 Extinguishing Agent

Sapphire (NOVEC 1230)

When it comes to complete fire protection to high value property and assets, our inert or synthetic gas suppression systems can assist with quicker cleanup, keep downtime to a minimum, and reduce interruptions to business operations.

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