VID Fire-Kill is a world leading innovative developer and manufacturer of water based firefighting products. VID Fire-Kill specializes in fixed water-based systems utilizing environmental friendly firefighting methods. The company is based in Denmark, where all products are developed and manufactured in their ISO 9001 accredited production facility.

All VID products are unique, offering either a better performance, a better approval, or a better solution than what found on the market today. The team at VID Fire-Kill appreciates good architectural designs, and does their utmost to create fire protection products which aesthetically blend into the surroundings in new as well as old buildings.

At VID Fire-Kill the team feels obligated to do their best to protect the world which is why their products combine high firefighting performance and robust and reliable designs, with environmentally sound methods:


  • Utilizing water pressures from 2-12 bar help save energy to run fire pumps, and also enables the use of traditional approved sprinkler components such as pumps, pipes, fittings, hangers, etc. in our systems.
  • 60-80% less water use compared to conventional sprinklers help save water, and reduces the water damage and potential business interruption occurred with a system activation.


We have a full range of VID Fire-Kill nozzles and valves available to suit an ever growing list of applications. Typical applications include machinery spaces, ordinary & light hazard type risks, marine, tunnels and industrial areas.

Depending on your experience we offer a range of options including full design, supply & commissioning packages with a locally compliant pump through to supply of nozzles and DIOM’s only.

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