Puma PRD

It is a requirement to protect a gas system protected enclosure from the negative impact of over and under pressures associated with different types of gas suppression system discharges.

Pressure Relief Dampers are specifically designed to vent excess pressure in rooms caused by the release of gas fire suppression systems.

Puma Products Ltd have a range of one way PRDs for enclosures where inert gas systems are installed. For enclosures protected by synthetic gas suppression systems where the over pressure associated with discharge is both positive and negative, the Puma Dual Flow two-way PRD is available.

Puma PRDs benefits:

  • Up to 4 Hour Fire Rated to BS EN 1634-1 2008
  • Reference Standards BS ISO 14520 & BS EN 15004
  • Fire Resistance Classification to BS EN 13501-2-EW-120
  • Standard 6 year Warranty
  • Wall Sleeves and Adjustable Telescopic Ducts available
  • Optional Security Grilles and Weather Louvres
  • Ducted Versions available
  • Bespoke sizes and applications are available on request
  • Minimal Maintenance and Servicing

Located in the south of England, Puma Products Limited is acknowledged as a leading manufacturer of Fire Rated Pressure Relief Dampers for the fire protection industry.

LPG Fire Australia provides an excellent service to consultants and contractors with full technical support from the Puma Products’ team. Puma Product’s computer, administration and production systems are certified by BRE Global Limited to BS EN ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Programme to ensure that the final products meet the specific requirements of the Customer.