Our knowledge and expertise have developed many products – such as Fresh Air Supply and Fire Extinguishant Gas Extraction Fan Systems, incorporating Fire/Smoke Dampers.

Rooms or Enclosures utilising Gaseous Extinguishing Systems such as Inergen, Argon and Nitrogen require OVER  pressure relief and positive gas extraction fan in the event of a discharge. The PUMA range of Combined Fire Extinguishant and Pressure Relief Dampers are designed specifically for that purpose.

The TWELVE individual models of gas extraction fan systems have been designed by matching the closest Free Vent Area Pressure Relief Damper to the most appropriate Gas Extract Fan Unit.  The Fire Smoke Damper and Pressure Relief Damper have been tested by Exova Warrington to BS EN 1634 – 1 2008 – Rated at 2 Hours. All PRD’s have Classification to BSEN 13501 E W – 120

The PUMA Combined FE / PRD Units provide Free Vent Areas between 0.021 m² and 0.87 m² and Airflows of 0.1 m3/Sec to 2.1 m3/Sec @ 50 Pa External Static Pressure. A full table of the entire range is shown on the reverse page

In 1999 we developed the first Fire Rated Pressure Relief Dampers to relieve the ‘ Pulse ‘ pressure spike on the release of high pressure Inert gas Systems – In 2012 the first ‘DUAL FLOW’ PRD was introduced for Synthetic Gas Systems. The DUPLEX ST combines the concept of both dampers with marine grade Stainless Steel – 316 L.

Puma Products Limited™ has supported the specific requirements of the Data Hall – Server Room – Electronic Data Processing Environment for over 28 years. Located in the South of England, we at Puma are widely recognized as experts in the field of Air Movement.

PUMA products are stocked by LPG Fire in their SE Queensland warehouse.