Fire fighting foam is an aggregate of gas-filled bubbles formed from aqueous solutions of specially formulated, liquid concentrates where the gas used is air or nitrogen. The foam attacks fire by blanketing the fuel source from flammable vapours and oxygen and by cooling its surface leading to suppression of the combustion.

There are a number of foams available on the market for various Class A and Class B applications. Each type of foam has its own application and there are a number of storage devices and delivery mechanisms available depending on the site and application.

Foam concentrates for fixed systems can be stored in bladder tanks or atmospheric tanks. These storage tanks are typically connected to a pipe network with a dedicated installed proportioning device to achieve the appropriate foam solution (foam/water) before distribution through the pipe network to the foam nozzles or delivery devices located throughout the protected enclosure.

LPG has access to a range of foam concentrates and foam system hardware from proven manufacturers Viking, Ansul and Solberg.

Typical applications for fixed foam systems include:

  • Fuel tank farms
  • In-rack flammable good storage
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Truck/bus refuelling stations
  • Heliports
  • Dikes

Our team members have designed, supplied and commissioned all manner of foam systems for commercial, industrial and defence sites and are well placed to support you with your next foam project.