CNC machines carry out a wide variety of tasks with great accuracy. These machines allow for a more automated control, improving productivity and efficiency.

CNC machines and automated machinery can work for long periods of time, often unattended. This can present a particular problem where unattended automatic machines, tool breakage and processes that involve flammable lubricants or coolants increase the risk of fire.

Fires in such machines can be a serious threat to the machine, operator and the wider building. If the machine is unattended it can often be too late to take action against the fire.

CNC machines require a specialist fire suppression system that is capable of detecting and extinguishing a fire situation within the CNC machine workspace, dealing with the fire event locally before it can more fully develop.

PAFSS systems are specifically designed to detect and discharge inside the CNC machine at the heart of the fire, extinguishing quickly and preventing any spread or escalation of the fire to neighbouring equipment and the wider building. This can significantly reduce the risk of injury to personnel and losses caused by equipment down time and operational disruption.

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