Gaseous suppression systems are used as total flood systems to protect enclosures housing high valued irreplaceable assets or critical infrastructure where system downtime must be kept to a minimum. Owing to their ability to rapidly suppress fire without the water damage traditionally associated with sprinkler discharges, gas suppression systems are also known as clean agent systems.

Systems generally consist of cylinder(s) of pressursized suppression agent connected to a reticulated pipe network with discharge nozzles located throughout the risk. A dedicated double knock detection system is interfaced with the gas system hardware to facilitate automatic operation in the event of fire scenario. Clean agent quantities are directly co-related to the type and size of hazard being protected. Typical risks include data centres, archives, museums, and telecommunication sites.

Gaseous suppression agents are generally broken into two categories: Inert gases and Synthetic gases.

Inert gas agents are naturally occurring agents and are stored under pressure as a permanent gas at pressures of 150, 200 and 300bar. Inert agents attack the fire triangle by lowering the oxygen level in an enclosure to the point where fire cannot be maintained but human life can be sustained.

Synthetic gas agents are stored as liquid under pressure and super pressurised with nitrogen. Synthetic gas agents interupt the combustion chain process and absorb heat as their fire suppression mechanism.

LPG Fire Australia is a leading supplier of both Inert and Synthetic gas suppression systems designed to meet your sites specific needs. We are the largest Australian owned, independent distributor of Kidde suppression and speciality detection systems. We also introduced to the ANZ market, and we continue to support, the LPG iFlow IG system to our existing customer base.

We offer a full range of Kidde gas suppression systems including:

–  Kidde IGS (IG-541 / IG-55 / IG-100 / IG-010 300BAR system;

 – Kidde C60 (IG-55) 300BAR system;

–  Kidde 469 (IG-55 / IG-541) 200 and 300BAR system;

–  Kidde High Pressure CO2 system;

–  Kidde ECS & ADS FM200 system;

 – Kidde ECS 500PSI FK-5-1-12 system.

When it comes to complete fire protection for high value property and assets, our inert or synthetic gas suppression systems can assist with quicker cleanup, keep downtime to a minimum, and reduce interruptions to business operations.