The TUNPROTEC® System – your solution for reliable fire protection of tunnel applications.

Combining robust and reliable low pressure watermist, detection and control systems, the TUNPROTEC® system ensures environmentally friendly and safe protection of your tunnel complexes with low water and power requirements.

Designed to protect lives and tunnels the patented TUNPROTEC® system includes a double-knock detection system for fast detection of fires with minimal risk of false activations, a low pressure watermist system for controlling and suppressing the fire and a project-tailored control system for ensuring that the system is operational 24/7 and can be easily integrated into tunnel control systems, e.g. SCADA. All this results in a fully automatic system designed to minimize installation and running costs, while ensuring fast and reliable protection of people and tunnel structures from fires.

Through its specifically designed components, the TUNPROTEC® system is capable of quickly detecting the fires within the tunnel down to specific fire-zones and reliably contain fires from spreading, lowering the ambient temperature to protect the tunnel structure and minimizing the development of smoke and back layering, in turn allowing firefighters to enter the tunnel and securing the scene. All the while, the control system supplies relevant information to personnel and peripheral systems, for instance SCADA systems, moment by moment.

The TUNPROTEC® system has been developed, tested and manufactured by VID Fire-Kill, located in Svendborg, Denmark. Known for its highly reliable and effective products, VID Fire-Kill utilizes more than 100 years of combined low pressure watermist fire protection experience to develop new and groundbreaking means of protecting buildings, tunnels and lives from fires – A unique foundation for creating the perfect fire protective solution for your needs. All products are developed and manufactured in VID Fire-Kills ISO 9001 and FM Quality Approved facilities.