LPG Fire Australia has comprehensive workshop facilities and we offer the following services:

  • FM200, NOVEC 1230 and C02 agent decanting and refilling
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing of cylinders
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing of discharge hoses
  • Cylinder valve refurbishment
  • Cylinder painting
  • Cylinder leak testing and repressurization

In many case we can offer service exchange units or swap-n-go of many FM200 / Inergen®, iFlow, Argonite® and Novec cylinder to minimize system down time.

We maintain bulk quantities of synthetic agents FM200 and Novec 1230 as well as valve refurbishment kits for most major cylinder manufacturers for fast turn-around time on cylinder refills post system discharge.

Valve servicing is typically performed in house and all cylinders and valves are QA’d before being dispatched back to the client. A 12 month warranty is offered for cylinder service works performed by LPG Fire Australia.