LPG Fire Australia provides full support of the systems we supply as well as maintenance and service support for a wide range of proprietary suppression system cylinders available on the market. Our service department and technicians have a wealth of experience to share with you on nearly all types of systems you come across.

We have comprehensive workshop facilities and we offer the following services:

  • FM200, NOVEC 1230 and C02 agent decanting and refilling
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing of cylinders
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing of manifolds and fabricated pipe sections
  • Cylinder valve refurbishment
  • Cylinder painting
  • Cylinder leak testing and repressurization
  • Nozzle orifice drilling
  • FAT of selector valves, hoses and cylinders

We offer the following services to fire contractors maintaining special hazard fire suppression systems:

  • System audits
  • Advice on system upgrades
  • Mechanical disconnection / reconnection of cylinders
  • Collection and transport of system cylinders
  • Service exchange or swap-n-go of many FM200 / Inergen®, iFlow®, Argonite® and Novec 12030 cylinders to minimize system down time
  • Room integrity fan testing
  • Pressure Relief Vent testing
  • Cylinder liquid level testing
  • Supply of spares and accessories
  • Cylinder recharge and exchange
  • Foam sample and solution testing by NATA Approved Laboratory
  • Foam bladder tank fill and replacements
  • Mist system flow testing
  • Oxygen reduction system service
  • ASD detector drop in replacements