The Li-ion Tamer Rack Monitoring system is a device that monitors lithium-ion battery off-gas events. Off-gas events occur early in the failure mode of lithium-ion batteries and very early detection of these events allow proper mitigation steps to be taken to avoid a catastrophic thermal runaway failure.

The Li-ion Tamer Rack Monitoring system is designed to be plug-and-play, easily to install and consists of two primary components, (i) off-gas sensors, (ii) controller.

The Li-ion Tamer Rack Monitor system requires minimal operation and maintenance procedures as the sensors are designed to be calibration-free and have comparable lifetime to that of the ESS battery system. The gas sensors response can be easily veri ed with a bump test. To con rm operation, sensors can be activated with a bottle of battery off-gassing compounds (diethyl carbonate).

Key Features:

  • Early warning of lithium-ion battery failures
  • Enable thermal runaway prevention with proper mitigation actions
  • Single cell failure detection without electrical or mechanical contact of cells
  • Compatible with all lithium-ion battery form factors and chemistries
  • Easy installation
  • Independent and redundant perspective on battery health
  • Auto diagnostic capabilities
  • Reduction/removal of false positive signals
  • Configurable communication protocols including digital outputs and Modbus serial communication
  • Extended product lifetime
  • Calibration-free product
  • Highly reliable output signal
  • Low power consumption