LPG Fire Australia Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian Owned independent distributor of fire suppression & fire detection systems for Special Hazard risks.

LPG Fire Company Profile

We are a leading supplier of inert and synthetic gas suppression systems, water mist systems, fixed foam suppression systems and specialty detection systems in the Australian and New Zealand market.

With a focus on the latest innovations in products, technology and design we have strong relationships with global fire system manufacturers, fire engineering companies and accredited testing facilities.

LPG Fire Australia offers a comprehensive range of proven products so our customers can make an informed decision on the best fire protection system for their Special Hazard risk.

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of quality solutions for Special Hazards fire risks across all major industry sectors in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Typical Projects

  • Data Storage (server rooms / data centres / UPS)
  • Commercial (server rooms / document storage / kitchens / building protection)
  • Mining (control rooms / camp kitchens / conveyor belts)
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Oil and Gas (tank farms / control rooms / switch rooms / offshore platforms)
  • Industrial (hazardous manufacturing plants / conveyor lines / spray booths / fuelling stations)
  • Petro-chemical (fuel storage / tank farms / pumping stations / ethanol plants)
  • Military (munition storage / aircraft hangars / critical assets)
  • Marine (engine rooms / UPS)
  • Tunnels (control rooms / enclosed road & rail / fuel spillage sumps)
  • Power Transmission & Distribution (substations / control rooms / transformers / switch rooms)

Service Department

Our QLD based National Service Centre with in-house cylinder pressure test, valve service and refill facilities is geared up to service most proprietary Special Hazard fire protection systems including Kidde / Tyco / Hygood / Wormald / Fike / Chubb / Janus / Ansul / Chemguard / Angus / Firetrace & LPG. We offer a swap-n-go or service exchange cylinders (inerts and synthetic gas) for many brands of cylinders to minimise downtime and inconvenience to the end user after a system discharge and when cylinders are due for pressure test. We routinely perform enclosure door fan tests and provide guidance on enclosure sealing.  For fixed foam systems we offer foam concentrate and foam sample solution testing in NATA accredited testing facilities.