HFC-227ea / FM200

Fast, clean & safe fire protection Kidde ECS 360 PSI FM200 systems are internationally accepted as providing reliable and effective fire protection solutions for high value assets, processes and locations, as well as the people who work in these protected areas. 

Electrically non-conductive, FM200 agent also known as HFC-227ea works by removing heat from a fire so that combustion cannot be sustained. FM200® agent can be stored in a range of different sized cylinders as a liquid, super-pressurised with nitrogen. 

Kidde ECS 360 PSI FM200 systems require a relatively small storage ‘footprint’ compared to inert gas systems which is most relevant for small enclosures with limited available cylinder storage area. 

Significantly, there is no risk of thermal shock to delicate electronic equipment and FM200 agent is electrically non-conductive and non-corrosive. It leaves no oily residue or deposits to damage software, data files or communications equipment, meaning post-discharge clean up time and costs are minimal. 

Kidde ECS 360 PSI FM200 systems are FM approved, UL listed, and ActivFire listed.