Critical Telltale Signs You Should Update Your Commercial Fire Protection System

Know When To Update Your Commercial Fire Protection System

Preventing the outbreak of fire is a serious concern for commercial buildings. Because of this, fire protection systems are one of the most critical systems in terms of building safety and code compliance.

However, like most standard building components, the buildings fire protection system won’t last forever.

Not sure if its time for you to test and/or upgrade your fire protection system? Learn how to recognise the signs that your fire protection system is nearing the end of its useful lifespan.

Critical Signs Requiring A Fire Protection System Upgrade

System Age

Perhaps this should be an obvious one, but your fire protection systems age is the first thing to look at when deciding how up-to-date it is, and whether ist should be replaced.
Advancements in the technology and products available for commercial building fire protection over the last ten years has enabled the fire protection systems to be more reliable and efficient. It is critical your buildings fire protection system is designed and installed with the latest technology to meet today’s code compliance.

Constant Repairs

Have you noticed an increase in service calls or the requirement to replace parts consistently at service intervals? If so, this is another clear sign your fire protection systems is due for a complete update. Repairs can be costly and in most cases, the long-term costs can outweigh the cost of a full system replacement.

Incompatible Parts

Over time, fire protection parts can be superseded thus not allowing new parts to be fitted easily. Instead of having to retrofit new technology, it would be beneficial to have the entire fire protection system updated utilising the latest products.

Complete System Failure

This should be an obvious sign for the update of your fire protection system. Your buildings safety and the people who occupy it require the system to be fully operational and code compliant. If there is evidence of a full system malfunction, then you should have it replaced as soon as possible.

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