Data Centre Fire Suppression | Fire Protection for Server Rooms

Data Centre Fire Suppression Systems are imperative for any high value asset building.

Fire can cause a huge amount of damage and perhaps even burn down the whole system within minutes if proper measures are not taken at the right time.

LPG Fire Australia offers a variety of inert gas suppression systems which are safer for data centres & server rooms and help protect against risk and downtime.

Some or data centre fire suppression products include:

The fire suppression systems are mostly used in the areas equipped with the heavy power equipment. These suppression systems utilise a combination of different dry or wet chemicals and agents to suppress the fire caused by any malfunction.

The suppression systems are used especially in those areas which are not visited quite often as a safeguard, and it is very essential to fight the outbreak of the fire right away with adequate smoke & fire detection.

The gas fire suppression system can give you a very rapid response to a sudden explosion of fire without almost any damage to the equipment. The chemical agent that is used to extinguish the fire also leaves no residue.

Most of the times the IT server rooms, switch rooms, high-value areas, rooms with electronic equipment, etc. use this suppression system to protect the area from fire. This is a very effective way and one of the best practices in several industries to control the spreading of the fire.

data center fire suppression systems

Importance of fire suppression systems in computer server rooms and data centres

The server rooms and data centres are very delicate areas, and a sudden outbreak of fire can cause a lot of damage to not only the equipment but also the information that are saved on the computers.

The loss of any data from the system can be devastating as one of the primary objectives of a well-built company is continuity.
The continuous presence of the electrical sources, as well as combustible materials in the area, can put the life of the workers and the valuable assets of the business at stake.

From a study, it can be predicted that the average loss due to fire in a server room or data centre is anywhere from $7,300 upwards to around $609,500 per minute.

For this reason, it is very necessary to keep the area well protected from fire. Fire suppression systems can help a lot in this case as the server rooms or the data centre are known as the heart of the company.

A business should establish highly sensitive fire detectors which can detect the lowest concentration of smoke which might exist due to the breakdown of any electrical system or electronics.

So, in the case of fire, the protection system that will work against the fire needs to be very reliable as well as appropriate.
In doing so the fire suppression systems in the area will trigger a coordinated alarm which will give the people a notice to move out from the place, and the extinguishing system will be activated.

An automatic system can offer most favourable protection to the sensitive and expensive equipment with the help of a particular type of nozzle that will not cause any harm to the hardware or sensitive materials within the infrastructure, and it will also keep the people working in that area safe with the help of environmental friendly agents.

For more information on how we can design a fire suppression system to protect your server rooms or data centres, please contact out team or view our gas suppression product range.