Fiber Optic Linear Heat Detection Cable – SafeFiber System Components

Fire Optical Liner Heat Detection (LHD) Cable is based on the quantum mechanical RAMAN-effect and a patented code-correlation measurement technique Safe Fire Detection’s SafeFiber measures an accurate temperature profile along the optical fiber over several thousand meters with measurements every 10 seconds.

With an extremely high level of integration and unique optical assembly technology, SafeFiber Fibre Optical LHD offers you full protection combined with worry free permanent operation. All Safe Fire Detection systems are designed and proven to ensure maximum quality with the lowest failure rate in the industry.

Safe Fire Detection’s new Fiber Optic Linear Heat Detection System, SafeFiber, utilizes the most advanced technologies to produce a product with capabilities far surpassing those of conventional fire detection systems.

SafeFiber Fibre Optical LHD not only has the capacity to detect fire quickly but the cable can also detect multiple individual fires anywhere