Fire Safety For Retailers: Audit, Servicing & Maintaining Retail Fire Systems

Everything happens faster these days, and retailers need to be conscious of keep up with changing demands and consumer trends. Maintaining a fresh store keeping customers engaged whilst showcasing their brand helps to keep one step ahead of competition.

It’s simply a way gaining the emotional connection between shoppers and brands.

Retail shops, whether developed as standalone properties or leased shop fronts within mixed use centres, the owners of shops, hotels, malls and office buildings must protect customers, staff from the threat & harm of fire.

To ensure the protection is maintained at a high level, emergency prevention measures and early warning fire detection for retail properties can protect high value stock & equipment from loss or significant damage and prevent un-necessary evacuation of premise and loss of business earnings.

As shop owners look to make changes to shop layouts, it’s important to understand the possible impacts this might have on exit pathways and location of water mist sprinkler systems.

Other considerations might be storage and how this could possibly provide further hazards to fire prevention.

There are constant fire safety challenges in relation to reventative actions of fire safety protection systems.

For instance, where layout changes have occurred, it would most likely require water mist sprinkler heads to be relocated.

For large shopping centres, the risk of fire is still prevalent.

The potential for devastating loss of business would be costly for retailers.

Four people treated after Sydney Westfield fire.

As reported by the Daily Telegraph, Four people have been treated for minor smoke inhalation after a fire broke out in a stairwell at the Westfield in Parramatta, resulting in hundreds of shoppers being evacuated from the mall.

Fire authorites were allerted to an automatic alarm with smoke seen on two levels, sources suggest.

Fire and Rescue later said in a tweet the fire had already been extinguished by staff members before firefighters arrived.

Shoppers were able to return about an hour later once the area was ventilated and the smoke cleared.

So what seems to be a relatively small fire has cost retailers an hour of consumer trading. The take awy though was the early smoke warning detection that alleretd authoites to the impending dangers.

Therefore it is critical that routine preventative maintenance of smoke detection systems and fire protection equipment is carried out on-time, regularly and thoroughly. By way of audits & inspections, these actions help to ensure the systems will perform as intended in the event of a fire.

LPG Fire Safety For Retailers Audit & Maintenance Programs

LPG Fire enables retailers to be proactive with their compliance policies and code of practice ensuring standardised methodologies are established, and proactive identification of fire safety risks

LPG Fire Safety Audit & Maintenance Programs enables retailers to manage key fire protection control areas including document systems such as policies, procedures and record-keeping related to retail shop fire safety; providing awareness among retail workers on fire safety policies; shop evacuation plans and procedures; fire protection equipment; and correct handling of flammables existing within the premises.

Benefits include:
• Develop standardised methodologies, plans, checklists and evaluation parameters for audits.
• Proactively identify fire risks
• Enhance audit efficiency with reporting and analytics
• Mitigate fire risks with quick and prompt corrective and preventive actions from audit results, which enable an improvement to current auditing practices.

LPG Fire is ready to support your fire safety, service and maintenance program. Retail stores can make requests about our fire protection programs and workshop testing facilities 24 hours a day.

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