Isolcell Italia offers a new range of nitrogen generators.

ADOX® SERIES Plug & Play concept

The clever solution: lower energy consumption, reduction of maintenance costs

ISOLCELL’s ADOX ® N2FF series reduced-oxygen atmosphere nitrogen generators use a selective adsorption technology that separates oxygen from the air with a regeneration based on pressure swings: a low pressure compressor (max. 1.4 bar) sends air to tanks that contain a special carbon molecular sieve that traps oxygen and lets nitrogen pass through it. While separation of oxygen and nitrogen take place in one of the two tanks in the machine, in the other tank the molecular sieves are regenerated by removing the oxygen trapped in them, using a vacuum pump. This cycle is repeated continuously, providing low-cost production of reduced-oxygen atmosphere and constant and continuous delivery.

The simplicity of the ADOX® procedure provides greater efficiency and cost optimization in terms of reduced maintenance and, above all, lower use of power compared to “traditional” nitrogen generation systems such as those based on PSA or membrane technology.

ADOX® generators work in the steepest part of the isotherms, maximizing the amount of oxygen trapped by the molecular sieves, while using much less power than other methods. Since the systems run at a low pressure level, they do not need high pressure air compressors. This provides the considerable advantage of reducing energy costs by up to 60%, while offering yields that are the same or even better.

Not only: since the mechanical parts of ADOX® systems work at a lower pressure they are not stressed as much and therefore require much less maintenance than what PSA- and membrane-type systems typically need.

Furthermore, ADOX® systems don’t require additional components to run properly, such as compressed air filtration systems, dryers, steam traps, oil separators, etc.

NEW!!! The modularity of ISOLCELL’s new ADOX® N2FF series generators

The concept of the new ADOX® N2FF allows to increase the production capacity even after commissioning, by simply adding modules, further optimizing its work cycles and energy consumption, characteristic of our multi-bank systems.