National Service Centre For Gaseous Fire Suppression Products

LPG Fire Australia is a certified distributor & national service centre for various
gaseous fire suppression & detection products across Australia & New Zealand
including VID Water Mist, Puma Relief & Extraction Vents.

We are wholly privately owned, with training and education
facilities for our customers, consultants and contractors we can assist in providing
effective solutions for your existing system upgrades or new greenfield projects.

At LPG Fire Australia we only offer design, supply and support of products that we
believe in. The support commences before the start of the project, and continues
during and after the project, as we recognise that when a project is done well
both the supplier and the contractor receive recognition.

With our head office conveniently based in the heart of the Gold Coast only 45
minutes from the Brisbane CBD, and representation broadcast across the country,
LPG Fire Australia is particularly well placed to service the Australian and New
Zealand markets.

Gaseous Fire Suppression Products We Service

iFlow cylinders – Inergen 200 and 300 Bar

Kidde cylinders – Argonite – FM200 Novec 1230

Hygood cylinders – FM200 – Novec1230

Fike cylinders – ProInert – FM200

Sevo Novec1230

Janus Novec1230

FireTrace systems Foam -solution – concentrate testing

Foam system testing and commissioning

Cylinder Pressure testing

Cylinder refurbishment

Kitchen Hood System Installation

Kitchen Hood system Inspection and testing

In addition to basic design and supply of systems, our engineer are available
to assist you with advice throughout the installation and also at the time of
commissioning to ensure that the end product is compliant and fit for use.

For more information on our national service centre for gaseous fire suppression
products please view and/or download our product servicing document