Light & Ordinary Hazard Water Mist

Light and Ordinary Hazards include a variety of applications, each with their own special needs and requirements for fire protection.

FireKill™ OH nozzles are automatic, semi-concealed, low pressure water mist nozzles tested and approved by many approval bodies such as FM Approvals and DNV/GL. OH nozzles come in pendent, sidewall and upright versions, and can be supplied with different finishes, colours and print making the nozzles blend in with almost any kind of surface.

The FireKill™ OH system is with its unique series of nozzles designed to match these requirements and can therefore cover applications such as:


  • Offices
  • Data processing areas
  • Meeting rooms
  • Hotels
  • Apartment buildings
  • Museums
  • Churches
  • Atriums
  • Institutions
  • Hospitals and hospital laboratories
  • Schools
  • Restaurant seating areas
  • Shopping areas
  • Indoor car parks
  • Storage areas
  • Heritage buildings


Benefits of FireKill™ OH low pressure water mist system:

Energy efficient

The FireKill™ OH water mist system requires very low water ow rates resulting in a water saving of 60-90% compared to conventional sprinkler systems.

Environment friendly

With lower water consumption than conventional sprinkler systems and lower water pressure than high pressure water mist systems, FireKill™ OH water mist systems are the most environment friendly solution found on the market.

Cost effective, easy to install and requires low maintenance

Reduced water pressures and lower water consumption equate to cost savings as FireKill™ OH water mist systems can be designed with smaller pumps, pipes and fittings. With system installation procedures similar to the installation of conventional sprinkler systems, time and money is saved on labour. Where approved by the AHJ, OH water mist systems can be combined with traditional sprinkler systems.

Robust and reliable

The low water pressure makes the system reliable and robust, and owing to the system’s large waterways and orifice design the risk of strainers clogging is minimized.

Aesthetic fire protection

FireKill™ OH water mist systems can be delivered with nozzles in different paint and finishes making the system blend in with almost any type of surface, securing the aesthetics of the surroundings. The nozzles can also be delivered with logo print.