Oxygen Reduction Fire Prevention Systems

Until recently, the primary focus of fire protection designers was on creating a reliable system to detect a fire as quickly as possible automatically and to extinguish it effectively. Now ,however a new method, based on the reduction of oxygen in the protected atmosphere, has redefined the possibilities available to the us in fire protection design.

We are now able to create fully protected environments and to completely eliminate the fire hazard by changing the atmosphere within a building whilst allowing access to people at the same time.

The N2 FIREFIGHTER® methodology prevents the development or spreading of open fires by deliberately and precisely adjusting the ration of nitrogen to oxygen in the protected atmosphere.

Oxygen reduction system fire prevention equipment makes use of electrical machinery based on the molecular separation principle for producing a self-extinguishing atmosphere.

As a first step, the so-called “pull down” step, i.e., establishing a self-extinguishing atmosphere in the premises to be protected,  such  machinery  is  activated  in  order  to  reach  the  safety  threshold  value  as  fast  as  possible; subsequently, part of the machinery is deactivated and kept in a stand-by state. The environment is constantly monitored through an analyzer and dedicated software.

Upon detection of an increase in the oxygen rate deviating from the target value, the electronic analyzer, according to rotation logic, activates a few machines for as long a time as needed to decrease the detected oxygen rate.

Advantages of ORS:

  • Protected premises are safe 24/7/365
  • The fire hazard is completely eliminated
  • No consequential damages due to false alarm
  • No consequential damages caused by historical extinguishing agents
  • Prevention method is environmentally safe, non-toxic, non-polluting, non-residual
  • Ease of installation and cost effective compared to standard extinguishing methods
  • Due to Oxygen Reduction System N2 Firefighter technology no negative aesthetic impact to the building
  • Easy protection even in areas difficult to reach or subject to strong regulation restrains
  • Can easily be integrated with main fire panel or building management systems
  • ORS N2 FIREFIGHTER® is maintenance friendly
  • No additional space required for banks of high pressure cylinders
  • Protective atmosphere slows down the degrading process of certain materials
  • N2 FIREFIGHTER® protects object of all sizes, from miniature to giant dimensions