FAAST Aspirated Smoke Detection

FAAST Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology® from System Sensor – the world leader in smoke detection technology – is an ultra sensitive, highly effective aspirating smoke detector which provides Very Early Warning type smoke detection in diverse applications ranging from mission critical to harsh environments.

FAAST aspirating smoke detectors use an integrated fan and a pipe network to draw air from a protected space in to the detection chamber. This pipe network allows smoke detection in hard-to-reach areas and challenging environments – including areas with temperature extremes, dust, or high humidity – and allows for ease of testing and maintenance.

Sampling ports located along the pipelines reflect (as a minimum) the location of the point detectors. AS 1603.1 codes define maximum hole coverage and sensitivities. The pipes can also be installed in special applications where sampling ports can be positioned freely. However, any such configuration must be verified by the PipeIQ configuration software.

Special applications may include confined spaces protection (e.g. floor or ceiling voids), cabinets or 19 rack protection (e.g. with capillaries).

Common Features:

• Detector sensitivity from 0.000095%/m to 20%/m

• Highest immunity to false alarms thanks to three stage filtration

• Loop communication with the compatible panels

• Conventional variants available for connection with any third party panels

• Integrated Ethernet connectsion (TCP/IP connectivity)

• Modbus integration

• Direct access via TCP/IP and real time monitoring

• Alarm and fault notifications via e-mails and relay outputs

• Fully supported by PipeIQ software package

• Mission critical, standard and harsh environment capable

• Variety of possible applications

• Multi-type communication built in

• Top or bottom pipe entry

• Compliant with all major global standards

• PipeIQ – software package combining all FAAST devices

FAAST XS, XM & XT detectors are FM and UL approved and ActivFire Listed.