LPG Aquafog Wind Turbine Fire Protection & Suppression Systems

Wind Turbine power is increasingly regarded as a viable alternative to traditional power sources. In Australia alone there are over 700 operational wind farms producing power with thou- sands more planned for construction over the following years.

Recognising the need to protect these assets and the valuable equipment involved, LPG has critically reviewed the inherent fire risks and identified the nacelle as the primary risk owing to the high concentration of values involved (oil, plastics, electrical components) and the ever present risk of lightning strikes.

As the nacelle is considered a machinery space, LPG offers the approved LPG Aquafog Watermist system in either modular (single windmill protection) and directional valve (wind farm protection) configurations as active protection against fire damage to windmills & turbines.

Depending on the size and quantity of windmills to be protected systems may involve stored pressure or pump systems. Hardware may be stored at the base of the windmill or in the nacelle itself.

LPG Aquafog is considered particularly suitable to wind turbine fire protection & suppression applications on account of its effectiveness in leaky enclosures and its exceptional extinguishing capabilities.